Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not just a thief, but a complete and utter MORON

Not only is "Andy" a liar and a thief, but he is also incompetent and completely stupid.

For instance, on a very basic level, he used the wrong kind of tape.

Why does this matter? Well, the tape he used, when you pull it off, leaves a sticky, impossible to remove, brown residue on everything it touches! This wouldn't be so bad if he only put it on boxes to close them. No, what he did was use the tape DIRECTLY on my furniture, pillows, bikes, you name it. He ruined a crib with this tape. He put this tape on antique veneer, which destroyed the veneer when removed.

Any mover who has been doing this as long as "Andy" claims (20+ years!) would know not to use this tape, much less not to apply it directly to furniture, bedding, clothes etc.

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Alex said...

Yes, you are correct "Andy" is a moron. I had the horrible experience of using his services from my home in Houston to Australia. I spent thousands of dollars more than the quote in order to get my belongings out of customs and then I spent thousands more replacing items either destroyed in the move or lost. It was HORRIBLE dealing with this guy. He tried to blame everything on me by saying, "I was the worst client he had ever worked with". He went as far as to bad mouth me to everyone trying to help me get my belongings. He has said he is going to sue me over my ripoff report which I have begged him to do. I wish there was a way to get some of my money back but I have given up on that. Perhaps if we worked together we could get him but I do not know. He sure taught me a lot about shipping. The company that did the final deliver to my home in Australia could not believe how poorly everything was packed - he was stunned. I lost items that can never be replaced. I lost my wedding dress, my Mother's wedding dress, thousands of dollars worth of software and so much more. The artwork was destroyed and all my husbands cashmere suits were lost as well. I could go on and on - basically Andy destroyed about 5 months of my life while I tracked down my belonging, tried to track him down everyday and then deal with the mess he left in the boxes. NEVER use Andy Anderson - he give shippers a bad name. He is a LIAR and he does it so easily. If you use Andy Anderson you do so at your own risk.